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We are building tools to help us engage with founders more meaningfully

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Pitch Deck Review

Having trouble building the perfect pitch deck to represent your business? We have seen quite a few of them and can guide you in the process.







How we help founders

We love thinking in frameworks and systems. Our approach to assisting our clients make the best decision is called the “3C Framework”

We work closely with the founding team to craft the positioning and brand story to take to market.

We bank on our deep market intelligence to drive investor conversations and establish channels of communication through our fund, family office and HNI networks

Our objective is to close the transaction in a timely manner with least disruption to business activities and at the most optimal terms

Hear from our founders

Our founders have a few words to say about their experience working with us!

Thoroughly enjoyed working with ValueBridge. It was genuinely nice to see an IB work with a long term approach with one eye firmly on the following round

Nitin Vishwas

Founder, Moonshine Meadery

"ValueBridge has been an invaluable partner all along with their strategic domain expertise and insights. They brought along excellent project management skills and a sense of ownership to the exercise, which gave us the confidence that we are with the right advisors. Great team."

Kiran Vangaveti, Founder

Founder, BluSapphire

"Valuebridge has been an important partner in our fund raise journey. We started working with VB during a difficult time for our space yet were successfully able to close our Series A fund raise within a few months. Their strong network combined with an involved approach throughout the lifecycle of investors reach outs, pitching, negotiations & closing helped navigate through the entire process very smoothly. "

Abhishek Patil

Co-founder, Oliveboard

Frequently asked Questions

We know you might still have some queries, so we have answered a few ourselves

With such a lean team, how will you focus on our fundraise?

We believe in "Quality over Quantity". Couple this with our skin-in-the-game economics, we only take deals that we want to be investors in as well. The first lens of evaluation is that of an investor and then a banker. Therefore, while we have a large volume of deal flow, we take up a very small percentage of those deals to focus exclusively on your deal.

How do you deal with competing companies from our industry?

We have a very strict "No conflict" policy. We DO NOT take up competing deals from the same space. We believe in backing our founders to the hilt. The frame of reference for checking conflicts for us is to check the overlap in possible investors.

How deep is your market intelligence of the ecosystem and investors?

We are a subsidiary of Merisis Advisors, one of India's leading boutique investment banks. In addition to our own research and market knowledge, we augment that with the deep industry focus of Merisis to ensure every founder gets a 360 degree view of their industry.

I like to stay on top of my fundraise and need constant updates. How do you manage that?

We understand the anxiety and stress of a fundraise for a founder. In our previous transactions, many a founder have suggested an integrated dashboard to get real-time updates on the status of the fundraise. We have developed the “Founder Dashboard” to get a snapshot of all the activities on the fundraise. The dashboard will cover:
1. Collaterals (Pitch Decks, Financial Model, Data Rooms)
2. Outreach update (detailed action items)
3. Communication Details